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Beat the Heat at the pub!

Well, here we are once again in the throes of Fresno's summer heat. But we've got you covered at the pub with A/C, cold beer, and plenty to do! So let's talk about what's happening this month!

National Michelada Day

Friday the 12th is National Michelada Day! Everyone should know by now that we make our own Michelada mix from a top-secret Dinuba family recipe handed down for generations... or maybe just this generation and then our bartenders tweaked it a little, but who cares! The point is, we make our own, from scratch, and we make it fresh every day! We also bottle it so you can take it with you and make our magnificent micheladas at home! So get yourself down to the pub on Friday, taste the best michi in town, and celebrate the day with us!


Thursday the 11th is ArtHop! This month the incredible Erik Niemann returns to display his newest abstract pieces. It's always a pleasure to feature Eric's incredible work on the pub walls! Drop in and check it out, and also enjoy all the festivities going on in the Peerless Building!

Pizza Specials and New Beers

We have several pizza specials this month! Our first is the Pepe Fresco (fresh pepper in Italian) which features BBQ sauce, pineapple, and fresh-cut poblano peppers, then topped with cilantro. It's a fresh and delicious meal! We are also carrying over the Soppressata and Hot Honey for a limited time due to demand! This spicy pie features soppressata salami, red onions, and hot honey served atop our red sauce and mozzarella base! Don't miss it!

But what about the beers? We just released our annual honey blonde, made with fresh local honey from Valley Gold Honey! We're calling it "Walking on the Sun" and it's the perfect summer beer! Next, our brewer Daniel has concocted a delicious hoppy lager (or IPL if you prefer) called "Learn to Fly, " the perfect blend of crispness and citrusy hop goodness. Lastly, this week we're releasing a new West Coast IPA we're calling "Back to Eden", featuring loads of delicious Amarillo, Simcoe, and Mosaic hops!


Bingo is back! Our beloved friend and 5 Mile Club member number 1, Todd will now be hosting our bi-weekly Bingo game on Wednesday, starting July 17th! The game is 100% free to play!

Alright, folks, stay cool and we'll see you at the pub!


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