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Announcing our Beer Club for Life!

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Here at the brewery we like to do things a little different. We love simplicity and elegance. So rather than a bunch of membership levels and recurring payments, we decided to just charge a one time fee, and then you're a part of our family. Forever. We're calling this the 5 Mile club, since we are 5 miles south of Shaw. Clever right? 

Now, since it's a lifetime membership, it's not cheap. We get that. But remember, it never expires. As long as you are breathing, there will be a beer waiting for you at South of Shaw!* 


So let's talk about what you get! 




  • One time $1500 fee. You will never be charged again! 



  • One beer pour per day, for as long as your soul inhabits a body and wanders the earth. 

  • Club hat and shirt.

  • A larger 20oz club glass at the pub. Because 16oz pours are for peasants. 

  • 10% off your tab. That includes food, beer and merchandise. 

  • Bragging rights. 

  • We're constantly thinking of fun things for our members!

Swing by the pub today and grab a membership for you or somebody special! 


* Terms and Conditions


  • You must be 21 years or older

  • The membership is non-transferrable and non-sharable

  • The membership will be honored for the lifetime of the member provided the member does not relinquish the membership, and South of Shaw Beer Co. remains operational​. Offer is void if consciousness is transferred to an AI, or embedded in an android body. Also, offer only applies to the body you inhabited when the membership was purchased. Reincarnated persons will need to purchase a new membership 

  • This is not an investment, but is a purchase of a special promotional offer

  • The member will receive one in-house beer pour per business day and pours do not accumulate. The member must be present to claim each pour. 

  • There is no cash value of this membership nor will there be any refunds

  • The membership benefits can only be redeemed at South Of Shaw Beer Company located at 1755 Broadway, Suite #107, and does not apply to our product sold by other retailers 

  • This membership is good only during business hours and is not to be used in conjunction with any other special offers or promotions

  • South of Shaw Beer Company reserves the right to revoke this membership if the rules and disclaimers are violated. 

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