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We are open!

After over two years, so many long days, and many sleepless nights we have finally flipped on the open sign! The turnout and feedback has been incredible and we are looking forward to earning your business as we begin to implement all the ideas we've been tossing around for what seems like forever. Our first priority now that the doors are open is getting our kitchen rolling so you can taste our fantastic Neapolitan styles pizzas. After that I need to get into the brewery and brew more beer! You animals drank 7 barrels in our first week! That's 220 gallons of beer or over 1700 pints! But we're not stopping with just food and beer. We know that your neighborhood pub needs to be a place to chill, but also a place where fun happens, so we have theme nights, game nights, and special events planned that we will start rolling into our calendar. We're just getting started folks! Hope to see you in the pub soon!


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