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The Spirit of Adventure

Every year we hop on motorcycles and go seek out some place we haven't been before. We plan the places we will sleep, but everything else is left to chance. Along the way there's tons of great sights to see, food to eat, and of course beer to drink. But what makes these trips special isn't any of those things. Every city has food and beer and cool buildings. No, what makes these memories special is the people we meet along the way.

And so when we came up with the idea for South of Shaw Beer Company, the beer was certainly important, but what we really wanted to build was a place where all kinds of people could come together, meet each other, share their stories, and create new experiences together.

We just returned from a ride through New England. And one of the cool people we met was Daddy Jack from New London, CT. We stopped into his restaurant for a meal and ended up having an experience we will never forget. His hospitality inspired us and convinced us that we were on the right path in building our own space.

Thanks for the good times Daddy Jack! Hope to see you South of Shaw some day!


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