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One Year Anniversary!

It's hard to believe it's been a year already!! To celebrate we will be throwing a birthday bash on Saturday, January 28th with cake, a band, and some other surprises. We're looking forward to seeing all of you! When we came up with the idea for starting a brewery, we just wanted people to have as much fun as we were having, sitting in our garages talking and laughing together over good food and craft beer. Humans throughout history have used any excuse to get together over food and drink to exchange ideas, talk about current events, and celebrate life's events. To us, this is one of the most basic pleasures of life. This is why South of Shaw exists. Behind the scenes, though, there are a TON of moving parts working together to make sure people can simply come in, enjoy, and free themselves of the day's worries. None of us owners had ever even worked in a restaurant or bar. Heck, most of the staff hadn't! I also had never made more than 10 gallons of beer at a time. Now I was suddenly making over 215 gallons a pop! So it was quite a challenge, but we came together, listened to feedback, made quick decisions, and learned from our mistakes, and here we are, 20,000 pizzas and over 50,000 pints later! So we thank you for hanging in there with us and giving us some grace! The most exciting part of the journey though has been to see what you all have made the pub into. It is truly heartwarming to walk in and see so many good friends that a year ago we didn't have. To see neighbors who have lived next to each other for years, but didn't know each other until they walked through our doors. To see birthdays, graduations, weddings, business meetings, first dates, and family dinners... everything people gather to do together, happening right here in our little pub, is amazing to us. We are incredibly grateful that we get to be a part of your lives and that you a part of ours. So thank you! Here's to a new year, new adventures, and most of all, new friends! Cheers!


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