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March-ing into spring!

Only a few more weeks of winter and then we're heading into spring! There's a lot going on at the Pub so let's get right to it!

Venue Enhancements

I've been hesitant to talk too much about this because the gears of government turn slowly, but we're very close to getting outdoor seating! We've bought some beautiful cafe tables, in stunning South of Shaw red, to place out front. Soon you'll be able to relax outside in the shade of the Peerless building and enjoy a beer and pizza in the fresh air. And dog lovers, now you will be able to bring your pets to the pub! In addition, the city has agreed to install bike racks for us! So you can bike to the pub and secure your ride while you grab a cold one inside. We don't have exact dates, but look for these enhancements soon!


As always, we love to embrace the community and be a space for people to gather. Here's what's happening in March:

  • Every Tuesday - Trivia Night with Tony Lee and King Trivia

  • Every Wednesday - Pizza Special

  • March 1 - Pizza collaboration with My Guy Market, featuring the Chop Smoke Pizza

  • March 2 - ArtHop with Tricia Sutton

  • March 7 - Bingo Night hosted by our own Rob Matthews

  • March 11 - Babes on Broadway Block Party

  • March 11 - Live Music with Sahab

  • March 13 - Paint Party with Valisha Rogers

  • March 15 - Retro Video Game night hosted by @Vice_Bit

  • More to come.....

Vote for Us!

One of you kind souls out there nominated us for best best pizza and best brewery in the Fresno Bee Best of the Central Valley People's Choice Awards. If you're into what we do and want to spread the word, please vote for us daily in the Pizza and Brewery categories over at Thank you!


Lastly, I just wanted to remind everyone about our unique club membership. Simply put, you pay ONCE and you're a member for LIFE. What do you get for that? One beer a day..... FOREVER. A larger glass than non members. Custom swag. 10% off your tabs. The cost? A $1500 one time payment. We know it's a big spend, but that's why it's such an exclusive club. And look at it this way; we've only been open a year, and we already have members who are ahead of the game! Head over to the Beer Club page on our website for all the info and small print.

Ok that's it for now, we'll see you at The Pub!


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