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Just catching up!

It's been a long year since we originally got our plans approved. Covid hit and turned the world upside down. Everyone needed to rethink how to get work done and even if we could have made quicker progress, we couldn't have opened our doors. But things are quickly turning around. Vaccines are available to everyone, places are re-opening, and we're moving again as well! Here's what's going on... Construction is moving now! The floor plumbing is signed off on, concrete is in, and walls are going up! Today I'm moving our tanks into place so the crews can complete the framing around them. Next week our walk in cooler will be installed and the walls and bar structure will be completed. Then it's on to electrical, plumbing and gas so we can get our next round of inspections done. At the same time, we have a finish carpenter who will begin transforming our walk in cooler into the beautiful centerpiece of our space. On the home front, I'm getting our first 6 brew recipes and our pizza menu ready, and in the process I've been eating and drinking more than I ever wanted to! But I'm confident that we have something for everyone and you are gonna dig what I'm coming up with.

So that's the news! I'll be posting much more often now that I have more progress to talk about. We are so looking forward to meeting you all and being your neighborhood pub! ~ Dana


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