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July Update


Lots of work happening on the brewery so I have a construction update and some big news!

First, we expect our dry wall guys to be done this week. We have a crew also installing FRP siding and tile in the bar area, the kitchen, and bathrooms. We're also starting the finish work in the dining room and the customer side of the bar this week! Lastly, I met with a contractor who's going to help get the kettle hooked up because without that, there's no beer! So lots of progress and we expect a whirlwind of activity as we focus on getting everything completed in the weeks to come and schedule our final inspections!

Beer Club!

Since we're nearing the end of this long journey, we felt that now is the right time to open up our beer club to the public as a pre-sale. Since our brewery is a five mile walk from Shaw Ave, we decided we'd stick with the navigation theme and call it the South of Shaw Mile 5 Lifers Club!

So when we started thinking about what makes a beer club cool, we felt there were a few things that were really important; Exclusivity, no constant renewal fees, and a truly great benefit.

So with that in mind, our club is an exclusive club, meaning we only have 200 slots. Period. Once those slots are full, that's it, the club is closed, never to be offered again. If you want in after that, well, somebody has to give up their membership willingly or pass into the next life. No exceptions.

Second, we hate renewal fees that nickel and dime you every month. We also wanted this to be a true club of like minded beer lovers, not a subscription or a pseudo "investment". So we decided to make the club a one time purchase and it lasts for life. That's right, as long as you're walking the planet, and we're here to serve you, you can use your benefits without ever paying another dime.

Lastly, even though we're including a unique merchandise package exclusively for members and offering discounts on future purchases, we wanted a truly great benefit that you as a club member can enjoy every single day. So we decided to include with your membership fee a beer a day for life!

Now, there are a few simple rules to follow. We have to keep the lawyers happy. So check out the order page and make sure to read the Terms and Conditions before you buy. And if you have any questions, please email me at and I'll answer any questions you may have.

So that's everything that's going on right now. As always, keep an eye on our socials for the latest!

~ Dana


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