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Happy July!

After all that beautiful spring weather, the Fresno summer is finally here. Here's what's happening at the pub this July:

Open 4th of July Weekend

We are open on the 4th of July, and we will have Trivia Night as usual! The place is decorated for the holiday, and even though it's gonna be a scorcher out there, we will have the A/C cranked and the cold beer flowing! So come on in and spend the holiday with us!


ArtHop is Thursday, the 6th, and it's going to be a blast. We have the beautiful art of Laura Crawford gracing our walls this month! But also, there's a lot going on at the Peerless Building; IdeaWorks will be in the alley with music, art, and all sorts of cool maker stuff. Bencomo's will be throwing a party next door, so stop on in and learn how to make your own beer! The Pie Mama's will be out front with their amazing pies, a DJ, and more. Don't miss it!

New Beers

Of course, we have some new beers for you this month. We just put on our next New England IPA, and we're calling it Third Stage. With this latest entry in our hop exploration series, we add Styrian Wolf hops to add sweet fruit and floral hope to an already super juicy beer. Don't miss this one. Next, our traditional English Ale called God Save the King will be back on our British hand pump in a few weeks! If you want the most authentic British beer experience anywhere in the valley, this is it! Lastly, our brown ale Nights on Broadway will be making its return later in the month! It's smooth and malty, and it makes the perfect dark michelada.

Wrap up...

Don't forget that online ordering is now live, so if you're in the mood for pizza and beer but just want to grab and go and enjoy it in the comfort of your own home, you can order ahead for pickup! We'll even text you when it's ready! We hope everyone has a fantastic July! See you at the pub!


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