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April Newsletter

Updated: Apr 18, 2023

How's that for an imaginative title? This months update is late, but it's been busy at the pub so let's get on with it!

First, I want to catch you up on something we installed back in January, and I neglected to mention it! We imported a British Beer Engine! What is that you say? A beer engine is basically a beer hand pump used in the UK for hundreds of years. For many pubs in the UK the beer is naturally carbonated (no CO2 is used), and stored in the cellar to keep it cool. A manual hand pump is used to pump the beer up to the tap. The beer then flows through a special head called a "sparkler" which creates a creamy foam head on your beer. It's an amazing experience to watch your bartender pour a beer through this unique device and it completely changes the character and mouthfeel of the beer. Currently we have our smoked porter on the engine, and our new Irish red will be pouring on it soon. Come on in and experience a bit of tradition!

Outdoor Seating Update

We are stoked to announce that the city has approved our outdoor cafe tables! Now we're just waiting for the ABC to approve outdoor alcohol which should happen any day. We also got a visit from the city and we're working together to figure out how to provide a full outdoor patio for our guests, so stay tuned.

April Events

There's a LOT going on this month, so take a look at the calendar attached at the end of this post for all the events, but I want to highlight a few things as well:

Paint Night! Due to the amazing response, we're expanding Paint Night to two nights a month! Valisha will be here Every 2nd and 4th Monday to guide you through a fun night of drinking and painting! Sign up today:

SipHop! There's a new social night in downtown Fresno called SipHop and it's a time to celebrate the best bars and breweries in downtown Fresno! So grab your friends and start your hop at the Pub! Siphop takes place every third Thursday of the month!

Wrapping Up

OK that's all we have time for this time, see you all at the pub!


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