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A lot to unpack... let's get going...

It's been a whirlwind downtown, so let me take a breath and finally catch you up on what we've been doing!

First off, we completed the office. Big whoop right? But even in the office there is something for our customers and that is a dedicated router providing super fast, free Wi-Fi. We want to see you using our space to work remotely so we've made sure you'll have the bandwidth to do it. Several hundred Mb/s to be more precise.

Speaking of remote working, let's move onto the bar and dining area. I can proudly say it's 99% complete and looks amazing!

The bar is tiled and painted, sinks are in, floors are polished and it all looks so good. All that's left to do is coat the bar and bring in the furniture from the warehouse. Since I'm a remote worker for my day job, I've actually been working from the dining room myself for the past few weeks to test it out. I will say that with the abundance of indirect sunlight, outlets with USB ports everywhere, coffee and soda (yes we have coffee and soda!) and some mellow music playing in the background it's going to be a fantastic place to come in and work or relax during the day.

So I mentioned music! I have to talk about this because as a musician it's a pet peeve of mine. Music seems to be an afterthought in a lot of places and it's simply not good enough to throw a bluetooth speaker in the corner and have a bartender play his favorite Spotify playlist. So we invested in a 350w amp/mixer, with two subwoofers and 8 satellite speakers spread around the space. The result is crystal clear sound that follows you around the space and sounds fantastic from every single seat. On top of that, we're using a curated music provider with playlists to match every mood. So whether you're there at 11am doing a Zoom call or having lunch, at 5pm enjoying happy hour, or 9pm on Friday doing a little partying, you're gonna hear great music that fits the vibe.

OK, onto the bathrooms.... 100% complete. We took some care in the bathrooms because nobody likes walking into that bathroom from the movie SAW when nature calls. They are clean and simple, with some nice art, a place to put your phone if you're sitting down, coat hooks, full length mirrors, and complimentary personal products in the women's room.

Lastly, let's talk about our production areas; The kitchen and brewhouse. The kitchen is fully outfitted. The oven and mixer (yes we are making our own dough from scratch, more on that in a future post) is here, sinks are working, and really all that's left is to get some shelving in place. The brewhouse has been the holdup for the past month. We are waiting for just 5 pieces of pipe to arrive to complete the venting on our kettle and that's it. Gotta love pandemic supply line issues. As soon as that's installed (we expect by end of October) we will get our gas lines inspected and turned on, and then it's GO TIME. Tanks will be cleaned and sanitized and we will start making some beautiful beer!

So that's a lot to unpack but as you can see we truly are in the final stages and we're super excited to open our doors soon and meet everyone.

I'm going to leave you with this promotional video featuring my business partner Doug that our fantastic landlords at The Peerless Building put together. If you need a commercial space (with awesome neighbors), large or small, in a beautiful historic building downtown, reach out to them today.

Cheers! ~ Dana


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Alex Shalom
Alex Shalom
Oct 22, 2021

lotsa nachos! (nachas in yiddish)

extra cheese, please! Alex

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