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Happy Oktoberfest!

It's that time of year again! This year Oktoberfest runs from Sept 16th through October 3rd. Why does Oktoberfest start in September? I have no idea. But we're gonna party anyway! Our big Oktoberfest bash is on September 16th so mark your calendars, we have a lot going on!

Limited Edition Stein and T-Shirt

Our limited edition 2023 Oktoberfest stein and t-shirt go on sale on Friday, September 1st! We have exactly 100 of each and they will go FAST, so get down to the pub and pick yours up! Steins are $30 and that includes a 24oz fill. Then, bring it back anytime until October 3rd for a 24oz fill at the price of a normal 16oz! Or grab a stein/shirt bundle for $50. We sold out last year, so don't wait!

Beer and Food!

We have a special Oktoberfest Marzen going on tap on Sept 1, then during our party on the 16th we'll have Hagman BBQ on site making up amazing hand made german sausages, we'll have our sausage and sauerkraut pizza as well, and let's not forget our giant 12" pretzels served with pub mustard!

Official US Steinholding Competition

Once again, we will be conducting an official US Steinholding competiton with help from Fresno Social Sports! The winner goes to Sacramento to compete for the state championship! We'll have guys and girls competitions. It's a ton of fun, and free to participate, so come test your strength!

Live Polka!

Of course we'll have a live polka band! How could we not?

There's lots more happening as well. Last year we had a ton of fun, so don't miss out! See you at the pub!


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